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Our History

​"I began working at a restaurant at the age of 15 in Hong Kong," recalls Frank Louie. At the young age of 19, Louie became head chef at a well-known restaurant in Hong Kong. Now, more than 20 years later, he owns one of Columbus' Top Ten Chinese restaurants.


Chef Frank Louie Came to the United States


Sun Tong Luck opened in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

April 14, 1983

Columbus Dispatch: Grumpy Gourmet Recommendation
Mariani's Coast-to-Coast Dining Recommendation

January 1984

Columbus Monthly: Jon Christensen article on the restaurant.

July 1984

Columbus Monthly: "The Best Dim Sum."

December 20, 1984

Columbus Dispatch: Grumpy Gourmet Recommendation

July 18, 1985

Wall Street Journal: Article

September 8, 1989
Columbus Dispatch: Dining Guide recommendation by Doral Chenoweth

July 1994
Columbus Monthly: Jan O'Daniel article


Columbus Dispatch: Mentioned as one of the Grump's TOP TEN Pan-Asian Restaurant

May 29, 1997
Columbus Dispatch: One of the Grump's TOP TEN Chinese Restaurants
(out of 200+ Chinese Restaurants in Columbus)


Columbus Dispatch: TOP TEN Pan-Asian Restaurant


Chef Frank and Helena took one year off from the restaurant business

May 2002

Upon popular request from past customers, Frank and Helena opened Sun Tong Luck Asian Cuisine

September 2002

Columbus Dispatch: Restaurant reviewer
By Jon Christensen

October 2002

Appeared on WBNS 10 TV City Scene

July 2004

This week News: Gary Seman Jr. News article.


January 2006

Guest cooking instructor at Whole Foods

Columbus, Ohio

June 8, 2006

This week News: Gary Seman Jr.
"The restaurant is a quick-serve but not fast food"

February-March 2007

Invited to the Home and Garden show to be a presenting chef on the Gourmet Galaxy Cafe Stage

June 4, 2007

Summer Fusion cooking class at Whole Foods Market

February 11, 2008

Chinese New Year cooking class at Whole Foods Market

February-March, 2008
Presenting Chef on Stage for the
Home and Garden Show of Columbus Ohio

September 15, 2008
Vegan cooking class at Whole Foods Market

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